Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Who is the best personal trainer Toronto?

A personal trainer is a person who is appointed by an individual for giving him fitness lessons. He guides his client in gaining good health, physic, strength, etc. He can guide a client from setting a goal to achieving a goal. There are many personal trainer in Toronto for people to choose from. The best trainers keep you motivated and your body achieves the target goal as per your bodies need.
Some of the best personal trainers in Toronto:
        Lyzabeth Lopez: She is the owner of the hourglass workout, the most heard off name in Toronto. She is into social media and does endorsements for Khloe Kardashian. She is the best in Toronto’s PT circle
        Cassie day: She is a personal trainer Toronto who offers one- on -one training for clients. She has opened her fitness studio in Kings West. She is trained in kettle ball and boxing and offers Saturday classes for boot camp and kettle ball.
        Julian Thomas: As a personal trainer Toronto she has an experience of over a decade. She trainers clients personally in Yorkville but has workshops in primal movements. She even posts fitness tips on Facebook.
        Paul Hynes: Paul Hynes trains the client at Bang Fitness on Queen West. His main focus is on strength and conditioning. He is a power lifter with a certificate in strong first. He mainly trains clients with power weight lifting techniques.
        Greg Van: This Olympic weight lifter and gymnastic are one of the owners of lift cross fit in Croktown. He is relatively costly as compared to other personal trainers Toronto. But provides the best training.
        Jeffery Chan: His services are available in Toronto as well as in Markham. He is a body builder and owner of Tdotfitness. You see his photo showing muscles on Instagram.
These were some of the big names in the field of personal trainer Toronto .One can take their services as per their availability.

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