Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Custom Bottled Water Advertising

Private bottled water bottles are a great way to advertise your business. Everyone is drinking bottled water these days. Why not give your customers custom bottled water with your logo and slogan on the label. There are many organizations that can profit with this type of advertising including charity functions, banks, hotels, family reunions, hospitals, schools, churches and as many more as  you can think of. Just imagine, you give a bottle of water to your customer or associate and everywhere they go with your private label water others see your business or organization’s logo.

The custom bottled watercan be purchased in small amounts or by the truckloads depending on how many you want to purchase. The larger the order the better the price is per unit. They are sold at wholesale pricing. There is one standard shipping cost so the more you have delivered the cheaper shipping is per bottle. The price range of the bottles depends on the size of you order. Private label water bottles come in sizes 8oz, 12oz, 16.9oz, 23.17oz and 33,88oz. The state of the art labels are colorful, scratch resistant and water resistant. They also come in clear and 3D for an extra charge.

Private label water is perfect for any business or occasion. Charity can profit from the bottles at any event they put on. The bottles would be a great addition to a family reunion with the family name proudly printed on the water bottles. Schools could use the bottles to make money for band or sports. The ideas of the use of the water bottles are endless. The wholesale cost make the bottles perfect for charity, schools, churches or any organization that needs to make money for a good cause or advertise an event. Call today to get a quote and start advertising in a great new way.

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