Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Shadow boards- all information about it

A shadow board represents the tool board of the house lockout devices that are used in your premises. Shadow boards can help you in customizing you shadow board to a lockout, and process your device. The shadow boards are personalized with the graphics and help you in indicating where the device should be hen not in use.
It is very important to locate the lockout device because it helps you in locating and helps you in locating the tools and helps in tracking the usage. A shadow board can help you in providing the remedy of the problem.
Benefits of shadow boards
Systematic storage- it helps you in giving the number of the safety padlocks, MCB, tags and other devices and various technicians who are handling in maintenance job. It has all the facility of storing all the devices in the specific position that helps in locating the devices when you need. Especially when workers work in shift.
Improving the productivity- if you know the particular place of the device it becomes easy to find and helps in saving the time. Usually, if the tools are not placed in the right position then it becomes very difficult to locate the tools that are required for the service of the machines.
Easy traceability- it has the entire specific place for the different tools. Therefore it does not take time in locating the device. The technician does not take a long time to notice the tools. Missing tools are easy to notice and place. However, if there is any empty slot in the shadow board, it simply means that the work is in the process.
If in case each device is personalized for the specific worker then in such case. Then it becomes easier in tracking the person who is servicing the specific unit. There are all the benefits of shadow boards that will help you in locating the tools faster. 

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