Friday, 18 August 2017

IASMP is an industry standard for Social Media professionals

Join our growing tribe of hundreds Social Media professionals for ongoing training, support and mentoring. Join us on regular meetups, networking events and grab yourself a bargain with many free or heavily discounted tools and products.
Come in, meet the team and spend some time with your peers working ‘on’ as opposed to ‘in’ your business. We are committed to teaching you all of the common sense (but not always common practice) social media strategies and techniques in a productive and fun environment! We often offer huge discounts on many events organised by our partners and free entry (and often complementary drinks & nibbles) to all meetups organised by us.
Solid and proven training resources (video and audio courses complete with written guidance and workbooks) from some of the leading experts in our industry, helping you gain more attention, recognition and ultimately revenue as a Social Media Professional. We’re working with many recognised experts and have exclusive access to their courses and programmes (or ability to offer them to our members for half price or less). In addition to that, if you developed a course, wrote a book or created any digital resources yourself, we will be happy to feature them or even help you in sales.

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