Monday, 21 August 2017

What measures should be taken to be successful?

Life is just like a journey. A journey that starts with B and ends at D, where B stands for birth then there is a D that stands for death as simple as that but what’s in between? It’s a C and what is C? C is the choice and life is just a matter of choice. One of the most important choices that one ever makes is the choice of one’s goal. A life without a goal is just like roaming in a dark room. The goal is something that gives the motivation to achieve something. It makes a person struggle for what he wants in his life. This goal gives hope, which further creates self esteem in a person. The person starts to see life with a different point of views and finds out that those who are in the top most position are just like him.
As the result of which, he starts the journey with only a speck of hope. Life makes the man face difficulties and then with the help of both bad and good experiences he gets to the point where he wants to be. One of most the important things that help a man acquire a name of fame is a business. No one in this world is born successful. Those who are born in the houses of milliners are always known by the name of their fathers but never by their own selves. A business is something which if carried out with utter faith and with the right means will lead a man towards the best in this world.
Even those who gain fame, if don’t have the ethics to talk, to eat, to speak or to handle a gathering irrespective of the fact that it is public or family, will be unable to keep pace with this evolving world. One must have a complete confidence in one’s self. This world has a trend to oppress those who don’t have the confidence to speak for one’s right. So, for those who want success to be in their pocket should be aware of their self worth.

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