Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Add your favorite Abayas in the wishlist

Before buying any dresses to the online shopping store, it is necessary to make an account.  For this, you will have to go to the homepage and fill up some details about you. Enter the username, email address and confirmation password whereby you can purchase latest Hijab.  Once you create an account, then they will send you verification code number which you have to enter in the column of code. After entering a code, you can continue you’re purchasing. After an ending of these all process you don’t need to do anything further more.  Give your order to the online shopping store and update your status and number. 
Wish list:
 The online shopping stores give also give you the best service that has an option of a wish list. In the wish list, you can add your favorite dresses like Abayas from before whereby you don’t seek your favorite dresses again and again.  Whenever you would like to purchase your selected dresses, you can add to a cart or bag.   On adding your selected dresses to the cart, you will get a details, quantity, and bill of your dresses. Also, you can remove your dresses from the wishlist whenever you want.   Another person can also see your wish list and tag like on it.  In this way, you can set the list of your dresses in the wish list.

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