Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Reason for the collapse and Leakage of houses

A building is constructed as a means to meet a purpose, could be a physical or economical reason. So many buildings have lost their economic value. Some buildings have been rendered unfit for use. A building dilapidates when the physical life of the building tends to expire. Such buildings are characterized by Leakage either in the roof, or cracks on the walls. In some buildings, you get to see sands, stones etc. falling down from the Roofing. All these may be due to natural decaying or aging of the building. It could also be due to some other factors like the inability of owners of the building to undertake proper Repairs in time.
A building might become dilapidated as a result of errors or mistakes in the Physical Design of the building. Before a structure is erected, a sub structure is firstly installed or constructed. It is located below the ground. It is the foundation of the whole building; it would be carrying all the load of the superstructure. The foundation of a building has to be concrete and well done because it is of uttermost importance. No wonder the holy bible says if the foundation is destroyed what shall the righteous do? The foundation of a building is as important as that of a man. That is why the construction of any building must be contracted out to only registered and qualified persons in the field as the success or Failure of the building depends on the architect or construction engineer. Whenever Investigation has been made and the foundation cannot be certified good the building has to be pulled down.
The government of a particular state can determine to demolish houses after several Reviews have been made on the architectural plan and it still does not fit into the urbanization plan or policy they imagine or anticipate. In some developing countries, there are so many houses that are problem houses, houses that block drainages, houses that are constructed on to be roads. All these can lead to demolishing whenever such nations become developed in the long run.

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