Thursday, 24 August 2017

More power and torque with Boost Cooler water injection

The Boost Cooler water injection allows you to increase the charge pressure or the ignition time more safely by actively cooling the combustion without exposing the engine to a higher thermal load. Furthermore, power losses at higher outside temperatures are compensated, the specific fuel consumption is reduced and exhaust gas temperatures are also reduced.
In contrast to a conventional charge air cooler, the charge air can be lowered below that of the ambient temperature. In addition to the excellent efficiency, no charge pressure loss is generated as with conventional performance charge air coolers. Thus the BoostCooler water-alcohol injection is an optimal addition to an existing charge air cooler and at the same time a real alternative to a tuning-charge air cooler.
Especially with already tuned engines the Boost Cooler considerably reduces the thermal load and prevents knocking combustion. In the case of petrol engines, it is shown that equivalent results are obtained as with racing gasoline.

For more information click here #wassereinspritzung (water injection)

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