Monday, 21 August 2017

How can OSANL help you?

OSANL is a startup company founded by talent engineers and experienced analysts who want help all companies optimize their business system using artificial intelligent.
System’s core is a set of smart algorithms combine with Artificial Neural Links for solve complicated problems for logistic business. Example: multi types of warehouse (traditional, crossdock, sun…), multi types of vehicle (motobike, truck…), employee or freelancer, pickup/deliver time with timeframe, degree of familiarity, region managment… It also provides real-time detailed reporting and accurate forecasts of future demand for business owners and managers.
OSANL is built to help business owners and fleet managers save time and money. Route planning can be a manual, time-consuming, and onerous task for many people. OSANL automates this process, allowing you to focus on growing your business. OSANL optimizes your routes, increasing the efficiency of your fleet so you can serve more customers. As a bonus, you’ll save on fuel and help green the planet!
Orders are entered or imported to OSANL’s app. Based on the entered constraints like travel durations, driver work times, delivery/service time windows, vehicle load capacity, driver skills and vehicle features the system proposes efficient routes and stop sequences. If you wish you can manually change the routes before exporting them to MS Excel or GPS devices.

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