Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Do not be in a hurry potty training boys as they learn slower compared to the girls

One of the most interesting and challenging phenomenon in your life is potty training your little one. It may prove to be simple for some parents but a horrendous task for others. The potty session process is a joint process where in the parent has to contribute his time and patience and the child will have to show his willingness. First and foremost, you have to know whether your child is ready to be potty trained. There are some development skills that are necessary before you actually take a plunge into potty training. The first one is physiologic function. Only after 18 months of age, the child reaches his neurological maturity when he or she is able to willfully control his bladder and rectal sphincter. If the child achieves this ability, you can embark on the pathway of potty training effectively. Of course, potty training boys would slightly differ from potty training girls. You will have to start training them both how to sit, but with boys it’s different they gradually learn how to stand and aim their pee in the bowl.

Compared to girls, potty training boys is tough for boys show least interest in getting trained. They find sitting on the potty objectionable, as you know, boys are always active and on the go all the time. It is important as a parent to recognize the signs when he is ready to start the process. Potty training process is not one that can be hurried with and if you do so, then you may have to face the brick wall. Often parents who have had a girl-child first, hasten to potty train their second child a son, because your girl got trained early and fast. Make sure you do not compare them as you know every child is different. Every child will get potty trained at his own pace. You need to stay calm and not get impatient. Let the nature takes its own course. When you find the time is right use your cajoling skills and patience to start the process. However, make sure you are consistent. Choose the right potty and if possible, take your child along when you purchase it. Make sure let him to sit on it to check if he is comfortable and it is of the right height and size. The success of your child getting potty trained would depend solely on your efficient skills in training.

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