Friday, 15 September 2017

What is the new free antivirus Avast Free 2017?

First of all, the latest version of the AVAST anti-virus engine features a refreshed version of CyberCapture's cloud-based antivirus scanner that detects and analyzes suspicious code in real-time. The new defense mechanism Behavior Shield performs an additional analysis of the behavior of processes on the user's computer. Its main task is to detect activity typical of such threats as ransomware, keyloggers, spyware and, thanks to the intelligent decision-making system, also warns of new and unknown activities that may pose a threat. Thanks to this free antivirus Avast installed in our system will take care of its safety.
Added DeepScreen, the successor of AutoSandbox from previous versions. This feature adds a number of additional algorithms to predict threats such as dynamic translation of binary files.

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