Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Lightweight electric wheelchair- an ideal option

Wheelchairs are usually chaired with wheel used when walking becomes difficult. It is used in case of illness, disability, injury or old age. They come in various forms to suit different needs. Lightweight electric wheelchairs are operated by electric motors and can be operated manually if there is no need to be pushed by hand. They are very light in weight and easy to operate by its user. These come in different models, designs, and weight. These help a person in mobility.
Features of the lightweight electric wheelchair:
        Lightweight: These are light in weight. They usually weigh around 50 pounds. These can carry weight up to 265 pounds.
        Easy disassembly:  it is most quick and easy to dismantle. It facilitates easy folding. Hence it is easy to store in your closet or car. It can be disassembled anywhere while you travel. It can carry on train or flights.
        Greater independence: These lightweight electric wheelchairs provide greater independence to its user. It is not just a mode of transport but also gives freedom to individuals to travel and enjoy life to the fullest. One now does not have to depend on others when traveling.
        Customization: Companies manufacturing them offer to customize them as per the users need. You can choose its color, accessories or site to fit your use. This makes your unique wheelchair look wise.
         Indoor and outdoor use: These are most ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use.    People feel when they are disabled on wheelchairs they can’t go out, but these are also good for outdoor activities. They offer user-friendly wheel chairs for people of all ages.
        Smooth ride: Lightweight electric wheelchairs give one a smooth ride. One can even ride them on rough roads.
        Affordable: Last but the most important feature is that these come at reasonable prices. They are quite affordable by all sections of the society.
Different accessories of a lightweight electric wheelchair:
Different accessories make a wheelchair function smoothly. These can be as follows:
        Battery:lightweight electric wheelchairs make use of lithium lon phosphate batteries that can go on up to 10-15miles.
        Seat cushions: These are used for comfort seating. They are detachable and can be easily cleaned.
        Arm rest: It offers good arm rest. These can be adjustable.
        Joystick: One can make use of joysticks to operate your wheel chair. These are mounted for batter control.
        Top Pack: It may also have a portable back pack that is hung on the back of the wheelchair. One can carry medicines and water bottles. These can be made up of nylon material.

All the above features and accessories make lightweight wheelchairs unique and easy to use. One can choose as per his needs.

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