Sunday, 24 September 2017

Best plant-based option carrageenan in almond milk

Individuals those who have an impaired ability to digest lactose a type of sugar that is found in milk or any other dairy products, are termed to be lactose intolerant. How can you identify you are lactose intolerant? On consumption of dairy products, you will get symptoms such as excessive gas, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps and pain, audible bowel noises, weight loss and slow growth in infants and little children. Owing to this, you are supposed to go in for alternative dairy product. Yes, immediately substitute carrageenan in almond milk for regular cow milk.
When it comes to texture, when carrageenan is added to almond milk it tastes even better than regular cow milk. In no way will you be sacrificing on taste but in fact, you will enjoy your carrageenan in almond milk drink all the more. Not just lactose intolerant individuals but also the vegan prefers consuming almond milk instead of animal-derived milk.
There is no hard and fast rule that you have to only consume animal-derived milk but you can also choose from a range of plant based options. Do you think you will not find the nutrients elsewhere if you have given up on diary milk? You have alternatives such as almond, soy, rice and other options to compensate for the required nutrients. You should consume almond milk, as you can also get fortified almond milk with carrageenan added to give it a tempting creamy texture resembling dairy milk.
On the supermarket shelves, you will find carrageenan in almond milk. Having the ability to bind to protein, carrageenan is found to be used also in meat, dairy products, juices and infant formulas. Carrageenan comes from the edible red seaweeds. These seaweeds are harvested, dried and baled. Then it is ground, shifted and washed to discard impurities such sand, etc. It is then soaked in a potassium hydroxide alkali solution and heated to remove the carrageenan from the seaweed. This cellulose is mechanically removed with filtration and centrifugation. The left over solution is then evaporated to eliminate the water. Then the powdered carrageenan is ground to the final specification. Did you know that carrageenan is better known for its antioxidant activity and hence is a useful health supplement?

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