Saturday, 23 September 2017

5 Ways of Saving Money Online – By Dealdash

One of the simplest ways to save money when you shop online is to hit the cash back websites, or bidding fee auction sites like DealDash. Once you’re signed up to these sites you can start bidding on items you like, or on cash back sites you can search through thousands of stores to see how much is being offered in cash back.
1. Outwit the Pricing Trap
Dynamic pricing is a strategy that many online merchants use to show different prices to customers according the user’s location, browsing patterns, and online spending habits, as well as the demand of the product you are searching for. How often have you found a great price for a top-notch hotel, only to find it’s anywhere between 20% - 40% higher the next day? That’s dynamic pricing.
2. Make Use of Online Coupons
If you’ve just rolled your eyes at the word, “coupon,” give us a minute. Yes, snipping out dozens of squares from magazines and newspapers is tedious, but the online concept is a great deal simpler. There is an array of sites that offer discounts daily on a wide range of products, services, and other types of offers. Some sites offer codes that work for a selection of retailers.
3. Sign Up for Email Alerts and Newsletters
Never miss out on the chance to save money online when you subscribe for email alerts and newsletters. There are websites that track certain site’s prices so you can see which stores offer the best prices on the products and services you are looking for.
4. Leave Items in Your Online Shopping Cart and Come Back in a Few Days
This is a fantastic way to save money online. Almost all retailers want to close the deals that remain open – in other words when you leave items in your shopping cart and click away, so, they will usually send you an email notification to try and complete the sale.
5. Don’t Be Afraid to Bargain
Sometimes, our email inboxes do get clogged and we come back a little later to check on offers we may have missed out on. So, what happens when you find an incredible deal you’ve been waiting for, only to realize it expired a couple of days back? There’s a solution. Just call the hotline and ask if they are prepared to extend the coupon as you want to place your order now.

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