Thursday, 28 September 2017

Uses and advantages of solar control film

Solar control film is usually seen in house windows, offices, or in cars as a protection against solar heat. This type of name suggests that it is the most effective way to reduce unwanted UV rays from entering your homes and business officers. These are also known as window tins or window films. It can filter up to 96% of the suns infrared heat and also prevents the suns UV rays up to 99%. It reduces heat in an area and helps in saving electric energy.
There a good number of companies that offers such services. They can provide you with films as per your needs. These help you save money and efforts. You can compare good businesses that offer reasonable prices. A solar control film has a wide range of use. Two of its major types are as follows:
Commercial uses of a solar control film
        Retail storefront windows,
        Entrances and foyers,
        High raise buildings,
        Garage doors with glass,
        Any semi-outdoor spaces.
Advantages in commercial field
        Easy to clean and prevents scratches.
        It is also used as a security means to avoid breakage of glass doors.
        Prevents UV rays and suns infra rays from entering the field thereby reducing health problems
        Reduces energy consumption.
Residential uses of a solar control film
        Single and dual pane windows,
        Decorative glass blocks,
        Sliding glass doors.
Advantages in a residential field:
        Prevents entry of harmful heat and takes care of community regulations for darkness in windows.
        Reduces the use of air conditions thereby increasing its service.
        In some cases reduces light reflections.
Above were the uses of solar control film. One has to choose a high-quality product that suits your needs. As these offer to provide enhanced appearance as well as prevention from the heat it is highly recommended.

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