Saturday, 16 September 2017

Knowing various ways of ensuring the longevity of your suit

It has been discovered that though some companies offer custom dress shirts and custom suits, the way client handle them are sometime too rough for the suit to last long. There are so many ways to take care of mens suit, which some companies care to show their clients, by putting some care slips inside their product pack, but it has been discovered that not all men follow these instructions. Going online, one will find numerous instructions on how to take care of suits, but it is a pity that amidst the numerous instructions, suits still suffer from great damage in the hands of the client.
One needs to know how to take care of suit because for the price that they come for, which exceed the price of a normal cloth, one has to really get the value for his or her investment. Some of the instructions to follow when taking care of your bespoke suits or custom 2 piece suit are listed below:
ü  Dry-clean your suit maximum of twice a year, making sure that professional dry cleaners are the ones that help you with it.
ü  To eradicate wrinkles, the use of steamers is the best; it will keep the suit fresh and also crisp.
ü  Before you store your wardrobe, make sure that the suit stays in shadow and in an airy place for quite a while.
ü  Do not use too much pressure while ironing suit.
ü  It is not proper for one to put materials that will make the suit bulge out in it, materials like watches, keys and so on. It will be disastrous to put a fountain pen in your suit pocket and it might cause stains that will affect even your custom dress shirts later on.

ü  Do not stuff your suit in a corner of the closet, and always unbutton it before keeping it in its place.
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