Sunday, 24 September 2017

Seaweed is considered to be the future super food

After hearing about carrageenan for the first time, you will be curious to know what is carrageenan? Carrageenan is the safest natural food ingredient.How can anything that is natural be harmful? The food industry puts it to use and its presence in food makes you love it all the more. Of course, without carrageenan it would have never been the same. Do not get carried away by the misconceptions and misinformation about this safe seaweed product. Never has food grade carrageenan found to cause any harm. It is a safe ingredient and hence is found to be playing a major role in the food industry.
All the confusion concerning carrageenan stems from not fully understanding that poligeenan the degraded carrageenan is actually harmful and not to be used. It is only un-degraded carrageenan that’s considered to be safe. No harsh processing is carried out so far as un-degraded carrageenan is concerned. It is extracted from the seaweed in the gentlest manner. Make a note that degraded carrageenan or poligeenan is not edible at all. And, a lot of people have not understood the big difference between poligeenan and the un-degraded carrageenan. Hence, the un-degraded carrageenan has unfortunately got a bad name causing unwanted confusion among the people.
You should know that poligeenan couldn’t be in anyway getting mixed up with carrageenan. The reason being, the process that poligeenan goes through is drastically different from the process used for food-grade carrageenan. Have no worries but enjoy your favorite foods that contain food-grade carrageenan. You should know that it is carrageenan that makes your yogurt creamy and the groundnuts in your nut milk do not settle down in the carton, but stay suspended. It is not a recent find but has been used in homes centuries ago and has always proved to be safe and effective for use in foods. Do you know that there is no alternative to carrageenan? A substitution for carrageenan would mean the use of multiple less active ingredients that would result in the change of texture, color and even the taste of your food.

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