Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Finding the time for drama series in one’s tough mundane?

A day has contains 24 hours i.e. 60 minutes i.e. 3600 seconds. No matter how much a person is busy in his life, he still finds some free time. After the whole day of extreme work and after the whole week of tough mundane, a person looks for some sort of entertainment. The television provides that entertainment. The most watched stuff on television includes movies and dramas. Especially in a country like India, drama series have acquired a great importance. Bundles of dramas series are watched by a huge crowd of people. But some of them have ranked in topmost positions.
Ishqbaaz is one of those. The best thing about this drama series is that it has acquired the attention of people of every age. This drama has not only the complete but also a meaning full storyline. The whole story tells about the problems faced by the three sons of a rich family and the way they tackle with it is attention seeking. It also has a love story, which is just like the cherry on the cake for the teenage of the age. Another drama played on the same channel of star plus is Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. This drama is also a well-known one. This drama has survived almost 8 years, which itself tells everything about its success.

The drama Kundali Bhagya is famous not only for its expensive and exclusive setting but also because of the perfect imperfect story. It is an outcome of the series kumkum bhagya. The story revolves around the singer and how he star loving a middle-class girl. Another drama that replaced the third highest rated drama of colors is Ek Shringaar Swabhiman. This drama is all about women empowerment. This drama provokes the sense of independence in women. Many reality shows are also watched on television. The most viewed one is Bigg Boss 11.

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