Monday, 31 July 2017

Advantages of LED T-tubes

We already knew that replacing halogen lamps and light bulbs by led lighting leads to an environmentally friendly way of relieving your space, but placing LED-based pipes is also a good way to save energy. The LED tube consumes less energy than the conventional TL tube, and does not require a starter to start up, increasing the energy savings. In addition, LED light tubes always shine the light straight down, whereas with light tubes without mirror reflection the light is often reflected all the sides. As a result, regular light tubes lose more light because this does not shine down. When you pick up everything, t-tubes based on LED are a lot more environmentally friendly than the traditional variant.
A bright white flashing illumination, which always needs a real start. With the arrival of led tl tubes, this is past time. In the Netherlands, LED lighting is already widely used in the form of led spots to enrich the interior. But now you can also use this energy-efficient form of LED lighting in larger spaces, such as a classroom or office building. In this article we show what the benefits of 100% led LED fluorescent tubes are.

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