Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Important Tips Before You Play A Prank With Glitter Bomb

Glitter might not be amongst stickiest substances available, or it appears like that at least when you are trying to rid it off. Anybody who may have been on the receiving end of glitter bomb prank can tell you exactly what it’s like. When you are into a friendly war with your friends, glitter bomb may prove to be best weapon for you. However, here are some tips that you must consider to make it a perfect prank.

First rule is to keep things simple. When you’re deciding on who you’re going to prank and how you’re going to do it, you must put in place the simplest of plans. The reason is that complicated plans can easily get spoiled. Create a scene and make sure your plans are flexible. You shouldn’t do anything mean as well and ensure that nobody gets hurt in the end. You’re playing that prank just for little amusement and laughter and everybody must recover from it in few minutes. If somebody gets seriously injured or upset then all humor would be disappeared quickly and that’s something, which should be completely avoided. Also, make sure that you play your glitter bomb joke on somebody who has some humor sense and will be able to enjoy whatever your prank is.

It is also important that you keep your face straight and your excitement is contained completely. So, don’t be in rush and make sure you act normally because if you fail to do so then the intended victim is likely to sense it and your prank will fail. So, you should plan well and make it as practical as possible.

Sometimes, when you are going to play glitter bomb prank, it may be helpful for you to have somebody on your side that can distract the victim or just take them to location of the prank. However, you should choose your accomplice very carefully so that everything goes as planned when you play the glitter bomb joke.

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