Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How is the Melange Yarn produced?

Yarn is the basic of textile industry. This is the basic unit where all the knitting, sewing and weaving starts! Without good quality, well spun yarn the textile industry is nothing. In countries where textile is booming and excellent fabric is produced, the biggest is to be given to the yarn producers who create magic at the first step so the magical products may be created and furnished later! There are different kinds of yarn that are being produced these days. It is apparent from the variety that is found in the fabric that is present in the market. The first and the foremost is no doubt Cotton yarn. Cotton is evergreen and it is still the most wanted item in its hundred per cent pure forms!

While nothing can match the pure cotton in perfection, the Melange Yarn is a beauty that attracts you beyond your capacity to ignore! The Melange Yarn is an attractive and very pleasant mixture of two or more yarns in dyed or raw forms to give you absolutely stunning and top notch yarn. This is used in new and glamorous fascinating coloured products in the textile industry! There is also Neppy Yarn that is used to create trendy mismatch effect by adding a different coloured yarn throughout the length of the base yarn in an item!

Among the new kinds of yarn is the Siro Yarn which is a double ply yarn spun originally together at the machine it has its own special qualities that make it one of the most wanted yarns by the textile companies. Textile companies are using many synthetic and mixed forms of yarns to produce stunning new products in the market. It is not always so that the Fancy Yarn has quality or durability disadvantages! Some of the new yarns are even better than the classics! New kinds are coming to the market without compromising quality and beauty!

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