Friday, 23 October 2015

What do hcg injectionsstand for?

Hcg injections are extensively used by both men and women for weight loss and fixation of issues related to the reproductive system. The HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a natural hormone found in human female body that regulates the supply of eggs and smoothens the process if ovulation. It is not found in males, but it is known to increase the number of sperm cells in a man's body. In addition, it is used to treat the testicular shrinkage in young boys.

The hcg injections should be applied with extreme care and perfection. It is better that your doctor or a trained nurse should do it for you. If you are doing the hcg shot by yourself, make sure to inject it in the proper place. The syringe should make the direct contact with your muscle or it should stay right below the skin. Between the skin and muscle is a no-go area. Not injecting it properly, with a normal amount of dose is prone to causing severe pain and abnormalities. Therefore, be strict with your doctor's instruction over this matter.

Hcg injections, if used along with the infamous hcg diet, can result in magical weight loss. The hcg diet requires you to eat a strict 500 calories a day. Two meals a day are taken, which include one meat dish, one bread slice, one fruit and one vegetable. This diet is a 15-20 weeks course, which, if taken regularly with hcg injections helps you lose 1 pound a week.

However, this wonderful diet can be harmful for a handful of people. If things do not go the expected way, as if you experience pain in the pelvic area or swelling in the stomach, along with nausea, headaches and trouble in urinating, then you may have developed OHSS. This Ovarian hyperactive stimulation syndrome. This syndrome is worse to the point that it can take your life. The key is to be careful with hcg injections and fast with the reactions in your body and you will escape without harming yourself.

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