Thursday, 22 October 2015

The popularity of Agario

Do you love online games? Are you addicted to playing games on Facebook and other gaming portals on the internet? There are many popular games that you can play at social networking sites such as Facebook and other gaming site online but some of these games have managed to attract a large number of online players. One of these games is known as the This game is very much popular in gamers on the internet. The players of this game belong to all kinds of age groups but they share common interest and that is playing agario online for free.

Users of this game have always given an extremely over whelming response. This is because the game Agario is easy to understand, simple and fun to play. The immense popularity of this game has led to great competition in the market and the game industry at large. Many rivals of this game are putting in their full efforts to come up with features that could beat this game however all their efforts are going to waste. The mechanical operations and features of this game are definitely taking the users by storm. Since many people are users of Android, therefore, this game is now available for Android users as well.

In this game, the player attempts to increase the size of the cell. The cell is round in shape and is fully controlled by the player. The cell dissolves other minute cells while on the contrary, the bigger cells dissolve the same cell. The goal of the player is to have the largest cell at the end of the game. This game can be made by making up teams where they can thereby compete against each other. The game is started again by the player once all of the cells are gulped down. There is also an option in this game to change the look of the cell via ways that are already set by the game. There are many other interesting features of this exciting online game. For instance, the viruses break down big cells into smaller ones while food is dispersed on the whole map and once the food is dissolved, the size of the cell automatically increases. Upon a survey conducted, it was found that Agario is the most searched game on the Internet.       

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The mere mention of the name suddenly gets the attention of several players who enjoy this extremely popular game. The game, agario is certainly addictive for the youngsters. If you feel like playing this game, you can definitely search it online and start playing it. It is not only addicting but it will also keep you amused for hours and hours.

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