Thursday, 12 April 2018

Evaluation of the most important SEO indicators

We analyze a large number of factors and key figures for you. In the following we describe the most important ones.
On the one hand, of course, the visibility of the website is analyzed. For this the so-called Sistrix Visibility Index is used. You can also check the number of pages that Google has included in the index.
For the important onpage optimization classic criteria such as headings or meta information (meta description) structure of the texts, the internal linking or the page hierarchy are used.
Of course, we also consider easily measurable factors such as page speed and load times, a very important factor in the ranking.
WDF * P * IDF (Word Document Frequency Times P Times Inverse Document Frequency). This formula specifies how often certain keywords appear in the text and sets them in relation to the frequency of these terms in other documents. In this case, the relevant text is particularly relevant for a specific keyword, if it appears much more often in the said text than in the rest of the content.

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